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Bologna children's book fair 2023

I'm happily back from the Bologna children's book 2023 with lots of inspiration, love and momentum in my heart. I had the opportunity to present my new work & book concepts, meet new publishers, learn about the latest trends in the industry and saw beautiful illustration art in several exhibitions from talendet illustrators from all over the world. The Bologna Children's Book Fair is an important event for the children's book industry, held annually in Bologna, Italy. Here, publishers, illustrators, writers, and other industry professionals gather to showcase their work and exchange information on the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Presenting my new book at Callis Editora

One of the most thrilling moments of my visit to the fair was when I got to present my new book to the world. To my complete surprise, the team behind "My Body" had decorated the booth with the the character of the book, which could caught the attention of everyone passing by.

Thank you so much for your trust and partnership, Thiago, Ricardo and Miriam.

Presenting two books at Familius Publishing

In addition to exhibiting my new book at Callis Editora Brazil, I also had the incredible opportunity to showcase two of my books at Familius, also very illustrator & author friendly highly professional California-based publisher.

Some days at the Fair with Sarah Settgast: The Artistic Illustrator and Publisher

I had the pleasure of accompanying Sarah Settgast, the talented illustrator, book author, and owner of the "Deutsche Pappebuch-Gesellschaft" publishing house, to the fair. Sarah's unique style is reflected not only in her artful works but also in her look, which makes her appear as a living artwork. Her presence at the fair was truly unmistakable ... check out her instagram profile and work.

Sanjee de Silva from Sweet Cherry Publishing and Sarah Settgast make a true visual explosion together. Both of them are already works of art in themselves. Their unique styles add a vibrant energy to any talk & event <3.

The fair was also very much enhanced by beautiful spring weather, with temperatures ranging from 16-20 degrees and sunshine. The first blossoms were already in full bloom, making the atmosphere even more pleasant. I stayed at the Hotel Social Hub Bologna and enjoyed the comfort and wonderful breakfast every morning.

Can`t wait for next year ;) Who will join me?

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