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Pictoplasma 2022 Berlin - my personal view

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Pictoplasma, the best art & character design conference in Berlin, in Germany and worldwide. Lars & Peter, the founder, create crazy inspiring lectures, workshops, exhibitions and parties every year. And the icing on the cake is also the creative, professional, international Picto-Community you meet every year.

This year the big meeting took place mainly in the Silent Green Kulturquartier in Berlin - Wedding, a former crematory.

<3 <3 <3

Let me show you my personal view from 2022 and maybe I can pass on the Picto spirit.



Main Exhibition Hightlight - Shir Pakman

Each year there is a main exhibition of the speakers' works at the conference. This year it was located in Verwalterhaus in Prenzlauer Berg. I was very delighted to see Shir Pakman among them. I have been following her for a while and admire her work. Distorted 3D work with the appearance of paintings.

AND ...

also the geometric sculptures of Lesley Barnes have caught my eye.



Workshop Hightlights

Pictoplasma workshop always means a lot of material, a few glasses of wine, beautiful people & conversations and free work on topics that do not play a role in everyday life and in your own work.

Puppet Making with Claudia Six


Claudia Six is a doll maker and artist. She forms real relationships with her creatures. I created this owl creature and then set it free. It will probably be destroyed by the Pictoplasma team at some point.

Clay Creatures with Csaba Clement


Csaba Clement is a joyful guy and creates very joyful clay character. Hist talk was funny and inspiring, as well as his workshop. Whereas clay is my daily material, it still gave me a breath of fresh air. The best, also by daughter joined me in that session. See her work below in the gallery - I´m in love with the two beings.



Inpiring Talks

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Alex Kiesling on stage. His presentation was quite calm, but his words & work very honest and admirable.



Very good food

MARS / Küche & Bar ... is located on the Silent Green site. Our daily lunch was beautifully culinary. Worth a visit even without Pictoplasma conference.

See you next year at Pictoplasma Conference in 2023 ;)

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