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A cute collaboration with Basuramo- "natural enemies of ice cream"

What is this about?

Basuramor lives in Berlin Kreuzberg and distributes his wonderful characters in the district, from time to time he brings other artists on board to let styles flow. That`s why the anxious Ice-cream and the hungry street kids met.

How does it work?

1./ ........... Basuramor starts to create a free artwork within his style.

2./ ........... The photoshop file finds its way via email to the artist's inbox (i.e. my inbox).

3./ ........... The artist continues the story and integrates his characters into the scenery.

4./ ...... it's a lot of fun ;)

Who is Basuramor?

Basuramor - It's a Spanish portmanteau word composed of the word for trash (basura) and the word for love (amor) and is supposed to underline his fable for trashy things. He lives and works as an illustrator with a focus on cartoon character design, video and board game design in Berlin Kreuzberg. He also draws comics and loves to collaborate with other artists and is surprised by the symbiosis. Mixtures bring forth fantastic new things, just like I experience every day in Kreuzberg.

That's also how the Illu-Clashs came about.

His first comic, Tøre - Out of Kreuzberg, was published in April. A collection of my graffiti (photo illustrations) will be published in a 50-page book in the coming weeks. And a new comic called Catfish and Piñato vs. Kreuzberg is planned for the autumn. His Boardgame Pizza Hawaii is at the moment being proofed by KOSMOS Games.

Check out his work and projects here:

The Making-of:

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